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Translation: (net prices)
• from English or German into Hungarian, ordinary time frame HUF 3/stroke
• from Hungarian into English or German  ordinary time frame HUF 4/stroke
• Express fee from German or English into Hungarian HUF 4/stroke
• Express fee from Hungarian into German or English HUF 5/stroke
Official attestation towards the Courts of Registration (surplus fee) 10% of the translation fee





1. As basis of our pricing serve the stroke: one stroke is a letter, figure, mark or space. It can be checked by inspecting the line in the Word statistics. “number of characters with spaces.

2. Our prices of translation include proof-reading, correction, editing and standardisation of terminology, as well as formatting wished by the customer

3. Each material is being handled with strict confidentiality, even without special request, and we assume full moral and financial liability for that.

4. Requests for price offer and orders can be placed:

  1. in person, via courier or in letter: H-1081 Budapest, Rákóczi út 69. 1stfloor 23, Hungary
  2. by e-mail:,

5.VAT will be added to the amount of the invoice, in the percentage as charged from time to time (currently 27%).

6. Upon request, and after review of submitted material and in the knowledge of the time frame wecan give you a flat fee quote.

As soon as we receive the original material (in e-mail, as hard copy, served personally or by post office, etc.) and we are made known the wishes (into what a language we have to translate, what is the deadline, is authentication requested, etc.) we provide at once a price offer binding for us.

After the reconciliation of the price and other conditions of the translation has been made, and the order has becom definitive, we willconfirm the order, and at this point the contract shall come into being between us and the customer, which has already a mutually binding force.

7. Confidentiality

We treat all materials confidentially even without any special request and assume for that full moral and financial liability. We provide, furthermore, also a specific declaration of confidentiality, if requested.

The confidentiality assumed by us includes also that we do not make available the names, translation projects or any other details of our customers even in anonymous form, and therefore you will not findany reference list in our homepage.

8. Payment

The payment of the translation fee is effectuated always in cash or via bank transfer, with a deadline of 15 calender days. We request any advance payment (on the basis of proforma invoice) in a well-founded case, for very voluminous materials.


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