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Professional CV

by Dr HORVÁTH Katalin

professional translator

I have acquired fluency in legal translation step by step:

  • Languages:

I have begun learning languages in my early childhood, and I dealt  in guiding, interpretation and translation long years as university student.

  • Law:

I  had been learning legal and political sciencies and than I worked as trainee and attorney-at-law.


I dealt in this profession intensely already in my years of study, and currently – since 1991 – I am working exclusively as legal, business and finance translator, mainly in the pairs of languages English-German and German-English, as desired by the market demand.

Main Milestones of preparations: 

  • 1965 to1966.high degree state examination in German, French and Russian
  • maturity (leaving) examination
  • from 1966 interpretation
  • 1966 to 1967. foreign language correspondent with MTESZ (Federation of Technical and Scientific Associations); Magyar Iparjogvédelmi Egyesület (Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Rights) – familiarisation with subjects of intellectual property in the English, German and French languages
  • 1967 to 1975. guide and interpreter of IBUSZ Travel Agency in the English, German, French and Russian
  • as of 1967 literary translations on subjects of art
  • practical certificate for French
  • as of 1968 legal translations for MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and various departments of ELTE, Faculty of Law
  • in 1969 foreign language correspondent in the English, French and German languages with the Vepex Bureau (Budapest Patent Sales Bureau of the Tatabánya Coal Mines)
  • high degree state examination in English
  • graduate with honors (summa cum laude) from the Faculty of Law of the Eötvös Loránd University
  • legal rapporteur to the Tatabánya Coal Mines
  • 1974 to1975. legal trainee
  • special examination for legal practitioners and advisors
  • 1976 to 1987. attorney-at-law
  • 1988 to 89. private teacher in German
  • 1990 to 91. legal advisor of the Budapest branch of the Vienna law firm Heller, Loeber, Bahn und Partner

27  years of Translation Activity:     

  • from 1991 collaborator of OFFI, the National Translation Agency, in the field of legal and other technical translations 
  • from 1992 professional translator’s work on a continuous basis, even currently in the framework of our private family undertaking, Docta Fordító Bt, (Docta Translations LP) and than, after transformation, Docta Fordító Kft (Docta Translations LLC) to-date.

Highlights of essays from the years of university studies

  • Sanctions in civil litigation (1971)
  • Role of the public prosecutor in civil proceedings (1972)
  • Comparison of the system of evidence in the law of England and in the socialist law of Hungary (1972)
  • Main characteristics of evidence in civil litigation in the law of England (1973)
  • System of sanctions in civil proceedings in the law of England, with outlook to the law of the USA (1976)

Some highlights of translations on legal subject-matters

(some examples only)

  • Rules of civil proceedings of the district courts of the USA
  • Rules of civil proceedings of Mongolia
  • Penal code of Sweden
  • Code of the law of obligations of Switzerland
  • Telecommunications Act of England
  • Translation of scientific articles for the periodical Acta iuridica of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Europe in figures (published by EURO INFO SERVICE)
  • Participation in the elaboration of terminology, proofreading and grammatical revision for the English version of the series of publications Hungarian-German-English entitled „Hungarian Legal Rules in Force”
  • Hungarian Mining Act and decrees of implementation
  • Translation of standards based on the construction products directive, published via Internet by the competent Hungarian company

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